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Terrible Game

This game is terrible. Dont buy this

Difficult to control

This iOS version is very difficult to control. This is better played on Mac. I even use 3D glasses.

Doesnt load

I love this game on the mac but cant get it to work on my iphone. Kind of silly. Try some updates pangea. I know the game was created over a decade ago

flying dinosaurs!

What could be better than flying dinosaurs? Flying dinosaurs with laser guns!

CRAshing ios8.3

This crashes. Dont want to update to ios9. Should be backwards compatible

Amazing with AppleTV and a 3DTV

I enjoyed this game on the iPad, but with 3D TV support on AppleTV, it is really incredible.

Great game

This game was installed on one of our desktop macs many years ago. We had a lot of fun with it, using the keyboard as a controller. Kids are grown up, and so is Nanosaur. Its way more fun on an iphone, tilting the phone as the controller. Didnt think Id still be playing it, but its hard ro stop..

Cant save game

I like this game but it wont allow you to save during a level. Even save points would make it better. Implement that and its five stars. Dont buy this game unless you like restarting from the beginning a lot

Excellent port

An excellent port, but not worth 3.99. Should have a control scheme other than accelerometer, as that is my least favorite control method. Add another control scheme and I can see it being worth that for fans of Nanosaur 2.


While this game is expensive, it could be fun that is if the dev actually improved the user experience. The first problem is that to enjoy a race, battle or capture the dragon eggs you need an internet connection. Nope, thats not the only thing you need cause game center multiplayer is required. That means that if nobody is available online in your specific game mode you cant enjoy a good race, battle, or capture the dragons eggs event. Wow dev, after seeing this game for years on the app store you never thought hey I could put some AI on the multiplayer modes and make it single/multiplayer modes. The second problem is that while adventure mode is adventurous its way too expert like if you want to actually bring all the eggs to the wormhole. So dev, the choice is yours: either implement my suggestions or lose your customer base cause all I can say is that I already heard enough people mention the complaints I just reiterated and after buying this game they never again bought another app made by your team.


This is only the second time Ive reviewed anything but this game is really worth it. Its nearly perfect -the graphics are stunning but the gameplay is even better -I own over 500 apps but this one is staying on my iPad! Thanks! (if I could shift anything at all it would only be to make it slightly easier)


The gameplay is awesome! There should be more games like this. Very challenging but hours of fun for the kids too.


Its really awesome worth your money but maybe you could get to be more Dinos instead of one also skins for the Dinos would be cool other then that its a AWSOME game :3

Nanasaur 2

I have owned this game for years and love it. It is great on a 27" Mac in 3D. However it is Absolutely steller on an iPad because of the accelerometer. Best of all if there is a better flying game out there on or for the iPad I would be greatly surprised.

There are only 3 level and after that it says mission accomplished.. Need more levels!

This is the best game that I have played and I wish there was nanosaur1 available. Anyway they need more games like this, buy this game you wont regret it. But they need to add more levels 3 levels isnt enough!

Fun game.

While this game takes getting used too, its very fun. I finished it a few times. Tip: the calibration button is your friend. Use it. Remember, if your fast with the accelerometer, the bird will do wonders. Take out the enemies trying to kill you, conserve your HS missiles and learn to use all your weapons because youll live longer. Collect fuel and use it as well as weapons, lives, etc. When you recover an egg, get to the worm hole fast. When your attacked, go on the offensive.

Thank you for the game Nanosoure 2

I enjoy playing this game. I just wish there where more levels to this game. Thank you again.

Enjoyable game

Ive always enjoyed the gameplay and storyline behind this game. I keep coming back to it once a year or so


Lots-N-Lots of fun! Nuff said!!!

The Best ever

Wait for new episodes

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