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Très bon

Joystick ??

I think this game could be better if it had a joystick or something to control the nanosaur. The actual control is awful ! And why there is a sight on the mac game, and not on this one ? But its still a great game ! Please an update !

The Best ever

Wait for new episodes


What the hell muss man da tun??


Great game!! Handling works great, and there is a little button on the left that resets the angle of the accelerometer. Quite challenging which is good:) Too bad you cant save it during a level though.

Way to fast

Dont like it


at first I thought it didnt have enough action as it said it would, but I really like it. great graphics, great concept. its debatable whether or not I would pay eight bucks, but a buck is a great deal.

Amazing game

This game was bundled with one of my Macs and I enjoyed playing it. But with only a mouse and keyboard it lacked the control I wanted to play it. I got it the day it came out for the iPod/iPhone. I have a lot of games for this format and this is my favorite. Do yourself a favor and buy it. It is a bargain at less than $10. Thank you Pangea.


Great graphics. Good to showcase the iPhone to friends. Current update allows saving in the middle of a level, which was an annoyance before.

Dont waste your money

Graphics are only reason I gave it 2 stars. feel my two dollars has been stolen from me

Its aight

Personally I hate this with a passion hard to control I dont get what to do an seriousoly if u want a good flying game to shoot things with spend 12 extra bucks and get blazing angels for Wii, 360 or ps3 srsly Im glad I only got this for 1.99 when it was on sale I rather would have spent it on gum or something but you get the point it sucks crap I really cant stress enough DONT WASTE YOU MONEY PLEEEEASE P.S. Jimmy page/Led Zeppelin RULE and play CoD WaW

Lucky me

Great game I got it when it was sales for 99cents yay!!


Crashes before I can play

If you dont like this game, you are wierd!

Amazing! I got this game on the black Friday sale for 99 cents, the best and to say it was worth it big time is an understatement! Amazing gameplay and very fun! All the kids In my class want to play on my iPod with this app! If you dont like this app, you have a HORRIBLE taste in apps. Recommended very much and dont listen to the wierdos who complain that it doesnt load cause thats bullcrap

Enjoying but can be very much improved

I found this game very fun and almost amazed about how great the graphics were. But there is room for lots of improvements. Like for example how u only get 3 lives for the entire game! Please make an update soon.


Its pretty good its fun to collect the eggs and its fun to blow things up

Good But...

Needs to have more lives!

Nanosaur is awesome

Loved this game and now I can play it on my iPhone and its more fun on my iPhone then it was on my computer. It runs smooth as far as I can tell. The graphics are nice and overall its just a fun game to play.

good game

This is a great game but i wish it had better steering and more frequent saving.

Five stars but for one major issue

This game needs to have a save game function that can be used at any time. The levels are very big and take time so its rare I have time to play. Also, without a save game function, youre forced to replay levels over and over, unless you are really good and get through on the first try. Otherwise, very nice game.

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